In Sirohi district of Rajasthan, a daughter put her life at stake to save her father. A farmer was attacked by a bear. After which his 14-year-old daughter clashed with the bear. The girl kept fighting with the bear and forced her to run away.

The bear scratched the farmer’s mouth

According to media reports, a bear attacked the farmer late on Monday night in Sildar village of Revdar town of Sirohi. Seeing the bear, the dogs started barking loudly. In such a situation, his 14-year-old daughter Joshna, who was sleeping in the house built on the farm, came out running and broke down on the bear to save her father. By then the bear had badly injured his farmer Karma Ram Chaudhary. Took his mouth.

Joshna said – I was in my mind, I will not let anything happen to my father

The seriously injured farmer has been admitted to Mehsana Hospital in Gujarat. Bahadur Joshna told that when she saw the bear attacking her father, she immediately clashed with the bear. There was only one thing in her mind that no matter what happens to me, I will not let anything happen to my father.

Feet were trembling with fear but broke with stick

The bear had knocked Dad down from the cot. Sitting on top of him, he was scratching his body. Joshna said that at first the feet started trembling due to fear, but with the intention of saving the father, I picked up sticks and started attacking the bear.

Mother also attacked by throwing stones

The bear became more aggressive after hitting the stick. He jumped towards me. Seeing the bear coming towards us, the mother also started throwing stones and I kept fighting with the bear with sticks. I had no choice but to fight him. Had he retreated, he would have killed his father. For seven to eight minutes I fought with the bear. After that he ran away from there.

praise on social media

The village of Joshna, who fought bravely with the bear, is being praised a lot on social media. People are also demanding to give him an award. Everyone is stunned to hear the tales of his courage.


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