Aamir Khan, who is called Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood, has apologized for his mistakes by sharing a post on social media on Wednesday. Yes, the actor has shared the video on Instagram. In this video, a person is heard saying, “If I have ever hurt your heart in any way, then I apologize to you in mind, word, body.” Since posting Aamir’s video, social media users have been commenting fast and counting his mistakes.

Sometimes by…

The video shared by Aamir Khan begins with the music of Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’. This is followed by a voice of a person who says, “Micchami Dukhanam…we are all human beings, and mistakes are made by humans. Sometimes by words, sometimes by actions, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes in anger, sometimes Jokingly, by never talking. If I have hurt your heart in any way, then I apologize to you in mind, word, body.”

Let us tell you that Michhami Dukhanam is the most important festival of Jainism, it is also called Dasalakshan Parva. During this festival, forgiveness is publicly sought. The last day of this festival is celebrated as ‘Forgiveness Day’. During this, people ask each other for forgiveness for the mistakes made in the past year. The meaning of this word is that whatever bad I have done should be fruitless. Aamir Khan has apologized on this festival.

Commenting on this post of Aamir Khan, a user wrote, “No mistake done sir, you don’t need to apologise…just bring the next movie aisi ki sabki talki bandh jaye.” Another user wrote, “Just don’t take Kareena in movies and stay away from Turkey and ISI people. Then there will be no need to do all this drama.”


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