Boycott Bollywood has created a ruckus from social media to cinemas for the past several days. But now in the midst of this, industry’s popular singer Jubin Nautiyal is also trending continuously on social media. Now you must be thinking that what is new in this, why Zubin often keeps trending due to his songs, but this time the issue is something else, which can stain his career as well as his image. Arrest Jubin Nautiyal on Twitter is trending at number one since the past. Thousands of tweets have been made on this hashtag named Jubin Nautiyal, through which there is a demand to arrest the singer. But why is this happening, let us know in this report of ours.

You must have often seen Zubin trending for his concerts in many Bollywood films and music albums. But this time Zubin, who has sung superhit songs like ‘Rata Lambiya’, ‘Dil Galti Kar Baitha Hai’, has come under the target of netizens due to his upcoming concert. People are trolling him fiercely. But Zubin’s troubles did not stop only till trolling, along with being trolled, people are also demanding the police to arrest him. There is a big reason behind this. A poster of Jubin Nautiyal’s upcoming concert is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter, which has become a source of trouble for him.

This ruckus has started on social media regarding the name of the organizer written on this poster of Jubin Nautiyal’s upcoming concert. Netizens are constantly sharing this poster claiming, ‘This person named Jai Singh is actually a wanted criminal of India.’ Users say that the person’s name is Jai Singh rather Rehan Siddiqui. All this ruckus has arisen in the name of Jai Singh. It is being claimed on social media that Jai Singh is the criminal whom the police are looking for for 30 years. He faces many serious charges including supporting Khalistan with drug smuggling. Along with this, social media users are also alleging that Jai Singh is associated with the terrorist group ‘ISI’.

Jubin Nautiyal, who has a strong fan following on social media, has been accused by the users of being a traitor. Netizens say that, ‘Zubin performs the concert of traitors. It is against the country and as such they should be arrested. Not only this, once again on the pretext of Zubin, users have got an excuse to surround Bollywood too. Apart from Zubin, many people are also dragging the name of Arijit Singh into it. These people say that Arijit also did a concert with a person named Jai Singh. Now it has to be seen how far this matter progresses and how many people are dragged into it.


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