The love story of elephants is in discussion in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve of Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh. The park management has named them Salim and Anarkali. The wild elephant Salim is coming again and again to meet Anarkali, the most famous elephant of the park. At the same time, he pushes the elephant and takes it towards the forest. Many times the park management has brought back the elephant.

Let us inform that since 2018 wild elephants have made their home in Bandhavgarh and there are already 14 domesticated elephants including male and female in the Tiger Reserve. At the same time, wild elephants have been living and moving in the forests of Bandhavgarh for the last four years. When wild and domesticated elephants come face to face, normal behavior is not observed in either way. According to the park management, a strange story is being seen since a month. A wild elephant has been coming in the elephant camp maintained by the park management for several days. The management now knows him as Salim.

It was told by the management that he is coming to the wild elephant camp here with an elephant. He pushes her and takes her to the forest several times. The park management officials are bringing the elephant back. According to wildlife experts, this is a natural process in which there is attraction between two opposite genders of the same species. Let us tell that a group of about 60 wild elephants are living in the forests of Bandhavgarh.


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