05:19 PM, 23-Sep-2022

Pilot met the MLAs of Gehlot faction

On Friday, Sachin Pilot arrived to participate in the proceedings of the assembly amid discussions about the names of the CM post and the changing politics of the Congress. During this he met Assembly Speaker CP Joshi in his chamber. During this he also met with Congress MLAs. These included not only the MLAs of Pilot faction but also many MLAs of Gehlot faction.

04:20 PM, 23-Sep-2022

Rajasthan: Pilot active after meeting Rahul Gandhi, meeting MLAs, will also meet Sonia soon

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has categorically refused to become the president. Along with this, Ashok Gehlot announced to present his candidature for the post of Congress President. It is also believed that if Gehlot becomes the president, he will have to leave the post of Rajasthan CM. Its indications were given by Rahul Gandhi in Kochi the previous day.

Here, yesterday i.e. on Thursday, Sachin Pilot met Rahul Gandhi, since then he is seen active in the politics of the state. According to sources, Pilot started the meeting and discussion with the MLAs. It is being told that this discussion is happening about the new CM of Rajasthan. Sachin Pilot is considered to be its biggest contender. However, the name of former Union Minister and Speaker of the Assembly CP Joshi is also included in this race.

It is being told that Rahul Gandhi is not only talking to the MLAs of his faction but also to the MLAs of the opposing faction. It is being told that the pilot has increased his activity on the signal received after meeting Rahul. However, he is not saying anything about it yet. Pilot may also meet Sonia Gandhi soon.


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