Sonali Phogat’s daughter Yashodhara told the media that some politician was behind the murder of her mother. They have faith in the government but are not getting help. There is no CBI inquiry in the matter. Yashodhara said that Goa Police is only wasting time. The reasons for the murder have not yet been disclosed. I am demanding justice for my mother. CM Manohar Lal had said that if the family demands in writing, then we will get a CBI inquiry done. More than 10 days have passed. Our entire family is pleading for a CBI inquiry. We want to know the truth. The accused should be given capital punishment.

Sonali Phogat’s sister Rukhesh said that the government is not listening to our demand. Get a CBI inquiry done at the earliest so that the truth can come out. Sonali’s brother Watan Dhaka said that we are seeking the support of the Khaps. The Dhaka Khap has called a Mahapanchayat on Sunday 11 September. Will pray to all Khaps to demand a CBI inquiry. He alleged that efforts were being made to destroy the evidence.

Yashodhara released the poster of the last film ‘Prerna’

The poster of Sonali Phogat’s last film Prerna was released by her daughter Yashodhara on Friday. Yashodhara told that her mother Sonali Phogat had mentioned to her about this film. He also narrated the story of the film. He will have an inspirational lead character in the film. This is his last film. This movie will serve to give a message to the youth.

Producer of the film Naresh Dhanda said that it is an inspirational film. Sonali Phogat is no more with us today. To pay tribute to him, a poster has been released from his daughter. The story of the film is based on youth. The film will give a message to the youth coming from village to city to study. How Disha gets confused by the youth coming to the city, it is shown in this film.

The film has been shot in Haryana, Mumbai and Kashmir. Yogesh Bhardwaj, Ramkesh Jeevanpuria and other actors are in the film. Naresh Dhanda told that Sonali was never late for shooting. Sudhir Sangwan was always with him. Let us tell you that before this Sonali has appeared in serials and web series. Her last song was released 10 days after Sonali’s death. The song ‘Chauri Ka Naam Chalyai’ has been watched by 1.2 million people so far.


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