After the arrival of monsoon in the capital, cloud tantrums are continuing. This is the reason that like August, people are facing drought in September also. At the same time, the sultry heat is making people sweat. So far only 8.8 mm of rain has been recorded in the last seven days, as against the normal figure of 39.4 mm. In such a situation, there is a record of 77 percent less rainfall this month.

According to the data of the Meteorological Department, Delhi had recorded 41.6 mm of rain in August, which was 82 per cent less than normal. In general, 233.1 mm of rain is recorded in Delhi in August. At the same time, the figure for the entire monsoon normal rainfall is slightly more than 653 mm. In this regard, meteorologists say that in this monsoon, the monsoon activities have been most active in central India. This is the reason that the flood-like situation prevailed in the states of Central India. Experts say that due to the frequent formation of a low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal, it is getting more rain here. In contrast, the states of North India have recorded less rainfall.

Sports complex remained the hottest area

On Wednesday, there was strong sunshine throughout the day in the capital and the mercury continued to rise. The maximum temperature was 37.2 degrees Celsius above normal and the minimum temperature was 25.8 degrees Celsius above normal. The humidity level in the air was 46 to 86 percent. Because of this people did not get relief from the humidity even after sunset. The Sports Complex area of ​​Delhi was the hottest with a temperature of 39.3 degree Celsius. Apart from this, maximum temperature was recorded in Pitampura 38.9, Pusa and Ridge 38.4 and Palam 38.2 degree Celsius.

There is no hope of relief even for a week

The Meteorological Department has forecast that there is no chance of relief throughout the week. In the next 24 hours, it will be partly cloudy and the maximum temperature can reach 37 and the minimum temperature is 26 degree Celsius. Similar situation will prevail the next day also. According to the department, light rain may occur in some areas of Delhi after two days. However, more relief is not expected from this.

Maximum temperature – 37 °C

Minimum temperature- 26 degree Celsius

Sunset time: 6:35 am

Sunrise time: 6:03 am

– It will be partly cloudy throughout the day. There is a possibility of strong sunlight. The humidity level in the air will be high and the wind speed will be moderate.


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