The family will now approach the High Court regarding the CBI investigation in the death of BJP leader Sonali Phogat. A writ will be filed in the High Court on Tuesday on behalf of the family. Apart from this, a letter has also been written to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in this regard.

Sonali Phogat’s nephew Vikas has given information about this. On the other hand, the family members say that Goa Police is wasting its time. The state government is also not worried about the CBI investigation. Time has been sought to meet the CM again.

If the whole matter was seriously investigated, then the accused Sudhir would also have been brought by the Goa Police with them. All this is being done by Goa Police to mislead the people. The Chief Minister of the state has met Manohar Lal regarding the CBI investigation. He has also appealed to many BJP leaders who came to the farm house. However, even after that the matter is not being investigated seriously.

Government is helping Sudhir

Sonali Phogat’s husband Sanjay Phogat’s nephew Advocate Vikas says that the government has not yet started a CBI probe into the matter. Now the CBI will go to the High Court for the investigation. Vikas says that the government is only helping the accused Sudhir.

trying to suppress the matter

Sonali’s brother Rinku Dhaka says that Goa is not satisfied with the police action. Goa Police, who came for investigation, is roaming around the property. The purpose of Goa Police coming here is just to pass the time. For two days after Sonali’s death, accused Sudhir had her mobile phone with her. Goa Police has not even been able to check the recording of Sudhir’s mobile phone.

If we check the recording, it can be known who Sudhir contacted after Sonali’s death. The Goa government wants to suppress the matter. Three days later, the Goa Police registered a murder case against Sudhir and Sukhvindra. Despite that, the police is not doing any investigation in the murder case. He says that after getting time from the CM, he will meet him again.

Goa Police reached Rohtak at night, will start investigation today

Rohtak. Goa Police from Hisar reached Rohtak on Saturday night, staying in a private hotel. Will start investigation in the matter from Sunday. On the other hand, the whole day the Intelligence Department and the police kept an eye around the house of accused Sudhir Sangwan in the Suncity case.

Let us inform that BJP leader Sonali Phogat from Hisar had died in Goa. There Goa Police has registered a case against Sonali’s brother’s statement against her PA Sudhir Sangwan. Goa Police was in Hisar for four days to investigate the matter.


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