After the torrential rains in many areas of Delhi-NCR, normal life has become very disturbed. Due to heavy rains, the roads of Delhi-NCR turned into ponds at many places. People are facing the problem of water logging at various places. Alam is that Yellow Alert has to be issued in Delhi. At the same time, in Gurugram, it is as if disaster is raining from the sky. After which the Disaster Management Authority on Friday advised all corporate and private institutions in the district to make employees work from home. The overnight rains have worsened the condition of Delhi-NCR roads.

In such a situation, what if you had to go somewhere by driving and your car or bike got stuck in this waterlogging. Not only this, what will you do if your car stops in this heavy water logging. Thinking about such trouble, the condition starts getting worse. Here we are telling you what to do in such times.

If the road is full of water then do this

If you are passing your car on a road where there is a lot of water, then you should slow down your car very slowly and see how much their wheel sinks in the water when the vehicles with big wheels cross that water . When you are sure about this, then put your car in first gear and try to pull it out of the water by sliding slowly without increasing the speed.

What to do if the car gets stuck in water

If your car stops due to a large car passing by fast water, then do not try to push the engine by giving the accelerator and forcefully eject the vehicle. Modern engines, especially diesel engines are very sensitive in which water can easily enter. It costs a lot to fix them. In such a situation, it would be better to take the car out of the water with the help of someone and get the water out of the fuel system after checking with a good mechanic before starting.

What to do if water gets on the doors of the car

If the water has reached the level of the doors of your car, it is best to park the vehicle in a safe place. If the water level rises more than this, water can get inside the car, which can also cause a short circuit in the vehicle’s electronic wiring. It is seen many times that in case of a short circuit, the center locking of the vehicle and the glass windows stop working. In this case the car may also be locked. So it is better to park the car and get out of it.

If the car stopped in waterlogging, then do not do this work at all

If the car shuts down while going through waterlogging, do not try to start it again. Due to water getting into the engine, the engine of the vehicle can also be seized. Also, if a vehicle stuck in water is tried repeatedly to start, then more water can enter the engine through the exhaust and cause more damage to the engine. Not only this, do not even make the mistake of opening the bonnet of a car stuck in water. By doing this, water can easily enter the vehicle. In such a situation, the vehicle should be pulled out only with the help of another vehicle.


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