The Super Four matches in the Asia Cup have started. All four teams have played at least one match. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have won their first match, while India and Afghanistan have suffered defeats. Currently, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are leading the race for the final, but India and Afghanistan also have a chance to reach the final by winning the remaining two matches. All the teams have two matches left and now all four teams have a chance to make it to the title match. Here we are telling what are the equations for all the teams to reach the finals.


The Indian team had to face defeat against Pakistan in the first match of the Super Four. India still have two more matches to play. In such a situation, Team India can reach the final by winning both its remaining matches. Even if the Indian team loses to Afghanistan, they will still have the hope of reaching the final, but they will have to pray that Pakistan beat Sri Lanka and Afghanistan by big margins in their remaining two matches. At the same time, India also defeated Sri Lanka by a big margin, while losing to Afghanistan by a close margin. To reach the final, India will have to win against Sri Lanka at any cost. However, winning the match against Afghanistan will not be difficult for India.


Pakistan team has won its first match in Super Four. The road to the final is the easiest for Pakistan. Now both his matches are against Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Both the teams are weaker than Pakistan. If Pakistan wins the remaining two matches, then easily reach the final. If Pakistan loses the remaining two matches, then this team is sure to be out, because in this situation Pakistan’s run rate will be very bad. The situation can get complicated if Pakistan loses a match. Winning the remaining two matches of India is believed to be certain. In such a situation, India and Sri Lanka can play the final if Pakistan loses against Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan team has also won the first match in the Super Four and can easily reach the final by winning the remaining two matches. Sri Lanka’s equation is completely similar to Pakistan, but Sri Lankan team is extremely weak compared to Pakistan. It will be very difficult for him to beat India in the next match. After this this team will face Pakistan. If the Sri Lankan team is able to win either of these two matches, then it can reach the final.


Afghanistan have also suffered a defeat in the first match in the Super Four. The equations of this team are also completely similar to that of India. However, Afghanistan’s team is weak and inexperienced as compared to India. In such a situation, it will be very difficult for this team to beat India and Pakistan in the next two matches.


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