Today we are going to talk about an actress who had the ability to act with her eyes. Not only the general audience was convinced of his acting but also the producer director of the film industry. We are talking about Bollywood’s famous actress Leela Chitnis. Leela was born in Dharwad, Karnataka. She belonged to a Brahmin family of Maharashtra. Today on his birthday, let’s know some special things related to him.

At present, many actresses in Bollywood are flagging their success with their campaigns. But it was not so at the time of Leela. She entered films at a time when this profession was not considered good for women. Despite this, he did not give up and achieved a different position in the hearts of people with his acting. Leela’s father was a professor of English Literature. This was the reason that there was an atmosphere of education in his house. Leela herself had also graduated. She was the first Indian actress who did her graduation.

After completing her studies, Leela Chitnis joined a theater group named ‘Natyamanvantar’. With this group, Leela did many comedies and serious plays. Leela got married at a very young age. She tied the knot at the age of 15. Along with her husband, she also contributed in the freedom struggle. However, their married life was not successful. There used to be frequent disputes between the two, due to which Leela got divorced from her husband.

To take care of his children, he took up the job of a school teacher. At the same time, she continued to do small roles in plays and films. With the film ‘Gentleman Daku’ released in the year 1937, the stars of his fortune reached the heights. After this, he got a line of films. Bombay Talkies’, ‘Kangan’, ‘Azad’, ‘Bandhan’ and ‘Jhula’ are his major films. Leela’s pairing was mostly with Ashok Kumar. Both gave more than one superhit films.


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