The finale of the music reality show ‘Superstar Singer 2’, which took place here on Saturday night, was won by Mohammad Faiz of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Along with the winner’s trophy, he also received a cash prize of Rs 15 lakh. In the top 6 finalists who reached the Grand Finale, Faiz defeated Mani, Aryananda, Pranjal, Rituraj and Sayisha. Mohammad Faiz has previously been the runner-up of ‘Love Me India Kids’ and ‘Saregamapa Little Champion’ in the year 2018. In an exclusive interview with ‘Amar Ujala’, Faiz shares some wonderful anecdotes of his attachment to Lord Krishna since childhood.

to sing for the first time got 10 rupees

Born on 16 February 2008 in Jodhpur, Mohammad Faiz is a musical heritage. He started learning music since childhood under the accompaniment of maternal grandfather Ustad Shakur Khan and grandfather Ustad Wasir Khan. Faiz says, ‘The tune of music first hit my ears while playing in my childhood. Hearing this music from the music classes of Nanaji and Grandfather, I was inclined towards this. My maternal grandfather used to say, for reciting a song, I will get 10 rupees. I used to listen to them by remembering new songs every day and I would get 10 rupees. I remember singing ‘Abhi Mujhe Kahin’ from Hrithik Roshan’s film ‘Agneepath’ first to Nanaji. And for this I got Rs 10.

Mother used to see the image of Krishna

Music has been found by Faiz in Ghatti. He says, ‘As a child, my mother used to use songs to silence me from crying. My mother used to see the image of Krishna in me. I am very much attached to Lord Krishna. I have also become Krishna in Janmashtami festival. Faiz is studying in class IX at MMLZL School in Jodhpur. Even during the show, he continued to take online classes. Faiz says, ‘During this show, I missed my school friend a lot. I have had a very emotional journey without friends. After going to Jodhpur, the first thing I would do is meet my school friends.

Everyday Riyaz is very important

Mohammad Faiz is currently 14 years old. He took classical music lessons from his grandfather and maternal grandfather. He plays instruments like Piano, Guitar, Dholak, Tabla, Sitar, Keyboard. Faiz says, ‘It is very important for people associated with music to do Riyaz everyday. Nanaji used to say that if you did Riyaz for 100 days and did not do Riyaz for one day, you would go back 100 days. Therefore it is very important to do Riyaz everyday. When I was young, I used to be very lazy to do Riyaz, but now I do Riyaz every day.

No need to abstain from eating and drinking

It is generally believed that the singer has to abstain from food and drink. Faiz says, ‘I have also seen that people avoid eating and drinking a lot, but I do not refrain at all, when during the show people used to tell me to drink hot water, eat honey, gargle with salt water, then I listened a lot. Felt funny. I eat everything. I used to eat ice cream, pani puri and ice balls to tease them. I even drink cold water everyday. I believe that the way you make your body habit, your body will remain the same. The more you keep the body happy after eating and drinking, the better your throat will be.’


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