Neha Kakkar is known for her singing. Many songs sung by him are included in the favorite list of fans. But, suddenly at this time the social media environment seems to be going against him. Some are talking about banning her singing, while some are seen requesting Neha herself to stop singing. Not only this, some users are even talking about sending Singer to jail! After all, why has there been such anger towards the favorite singer? Let’s know…

Recently Neha Kakkar has recreated the 90s hit pop singer Falguni Pathak’s popular song ‘Maine Payal Hai Chhankai’. On one hand some people are liking this song very much, while some people are angry with Neha. Especially Neha has disappointed Falguni’s fan club by recreating this song. People are criticizing Neha’s voice a lot in this song and are also trolling her fiercely for ruining this hit classic song of the 90s.

Recently, this song of Neha Kakkar was shared with the Twitter handle of T-Series. After listening to the song, users are seen angry with Neha. Users are accusing Neha of destroying her favorite musical memories of childhood. A user wrote in response to this recreated song, ‘I am not against the remake of songs if they were made in Shreya Ghoshal’s voice like Ek Do Teen Songs. But Neha Kakkar’s voice only tore the curtains of her ears.

Users are very angry with this song of Neha Kakkar and are making a lot of negative comments. Another user wrote, ‘Another beautiful 90’s song wasted. If you don’t have anything original, please leave this industry. Let us tell you that she herself is seen performing in the video of the song Maine Payal Hai, recreated by Neha Kakkar. Bigg Boss fame Priyank and Dhanshree Verma are also seen dancing with Neha. Posting this song on Instagram, Neha Kakkar said sorry to Priyank in the caption, Dhanishree and his performance as a hit and talked about girl power.


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