Pitru Paksha 2022: Pitru Paksha is starting from today i.e. 10th September. It will end on 25 September. This year Pitru Paksha will be of 16 days instead of 15 days. According to the Panchang, Pitru Paksha runs from the full moon date of Bhadrapada month to the new moon day of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month. Pitru Paksha i.e. Shradh has special significance in Hinduism. On Pitru Paksha, the ancestors are reverently remembered and their Shradh Karma is performed. Shradh is performed not only for the liberation of the ancestors but also to show our respect towards them. It is believed that by performing Shradh to ancestors during Pitru Paksha, their blessings are obtained and one gets freedom from all kinds of obstacles. In Pitru Paksha, there is a law to offer water to your ancestors with reverence. In such a situation, let us know about the Tarpan method, rules, ingredients and mantra …

Dates of Shradh 2022 in Pitru Paksha

10th september full moon shradh

11 September Pratipada Shradh

Shradh of 12th September

12 September Tritiya Shradh

Shradh of 13th September Chaturthi

14 September Panchami Shradh

Shradh of 15th September

16 September Saptami Shradh

17 September 2022 Krishna Saptami till 02:12 pm

18 September Ashtami Shradh

19 September Navami Shraddha

Shradh of Dashami on 20 September

Shradh of 21st September Ekadashi

22 September Dwadashi/Shraadh of Sannyasis

23 September Trayodashi Shradh

24 September Chaturdashi Shradh

Amavasya Shradh on 25 September

Those who do Shradh rituals should take these precautions

Those who perform Shradh rituals for the happiness of ancestors during Pitru Paksha, they should not get their hair and beard cut during this period. Also, during these days, sattvik food should be prepared at home. Tamasic food should be avoided. If the date of the death of ancestors is remembered, then it is best to do Pind Daan according to the date.

Pitru Paksha Tarpan Method

Every day during Pitru Paksha, tarpan should be done for the ancestors. You should use kush, akshat, barley and black sesame for the tarpan. After performing the tarpan, pray to the ancestors and ask for forgiveness for the mistakes.

Pitru Paksha 2022 Prayer Mantra

1. Pitrubhaya: Swadhayibhya: Swadha Namah.

Pitamahebhya: Swadhayibhya: Swadha Namah.

Prapitamahebhya: Swadhayibhya: Swadha Namah.

Sarva Pitrubhyo Shraddha Namo Namah.

2. Om Namo V: Pitro Rasay Namo V:

Father: Shoshay Namo and:

Pitro GY Namo and:

Peeter: Swadhaiye Namo and:

Father: Pitro Namo Woh

Grihnna: Pitro Dutt: Satto and:.


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