PM Kisan Yojana e-KYC: In different corners of the country, the number of such people is seen very much, who actually come from the poor section, who are really in need. These people are financially weak, due to which they are not able to meet even their common needs. Therefore, many different types of schemes are run by the central government for all the states of the country. For example, look at the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, which was run for the needy farmers. Under this scheme, financial assistance is given to the farmers, and in this, 2-2 thousand rupees are given to the farmers in 3 installments annually. The rules of this scheme also change from time to time, such as all the beneficiaries were asked to get e-KYC done. But the farmers who have not got e-KYC done can they get the benefit of 12th installment? So let’s try to know the answer. You can learn more about this in the next slides…

this was the last date

  • Actually, it was made mandatory for the beneficiaries of PM Kisan Yojana to get e-KYC done by the government. Its last date was 31 August 2022. Many beneficiaries got it done, but still there are many farmers who have not been able to get it done.

What will be the installment?

  • If for some reason your e-KYC is not done, will you get the installment money? So the answer is no because according to the rules set by the government, it is necessary for every beneficiary to get e-KYC done and if someone does not do this then his installment money can get stuck.

Is there any further option?

  • If you are a beneficiary of PM Kisan Yojana, and you are not able to get e-KYC done, then the installment money may get stuck. At the same time, the deadline has not been extended by the government yet. If a new last date is given again, you can get e-KYC done.

get this benefit

  • Under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, 6 thousand rupees are given annually to the eligible farmers. This money is sent to the bank account of the farmers in installments of Rs.2-2 thousand at an interval of every four months.


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