Yasir, who is being accused of killing Hemant Kumar Lohia, DG, Prisons Department, is a school dropout. In his personal diary, the police have found such poetry, whose subject wants to hate life and embrace death.

Yasir Lohar, 23, who was caught hours after the murder, has written poetry in broken Hindi and English in his diary. Seeing him, the police are claiming that Yasir has brutally murdered the DG Jail in depression.

Yasir has written a place on the diary, ‘I want to start my life again’ and then it is written – Life only gives trouble, only death gives peace. Every day starts with expectations and ends with bad experiences.

He wrote – I am 99 percent sad and I have 100 percent fake smile on my face. I am ten percent happy, but there is zero percent love and ninety percent stress in life. I hate my life, which only hurts me. I am just waiting for my death for a new beginning.

Yasir has also written in the diary the lines from the famous song ‘Bhula dena mujhe, hai goodbye tujhe’ from the movie Aashiqui 2. ADGP Mukesh Singh said that preliminary investigation is showing that Yasir’s behavior was angry. It is revealed that he is depressed.


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