The road connecting Vijay Chowk and India Gate became history on Wednesday. About 3.20 km long Rajpath will now be known as Duty Path in a new look. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate it at 7 pm on Thursday. In its new form, around 15.5 km of walkway is made of red granite surrounding the duty path. There is also a canal in about 19 acres next to it. 16 bridges have been built on it. There is also a seating arrangement on both sides along with the food stall. The greenery spread over 3.90 lakh square meters of the entire area is also visible. Interestingly, along with the development of walkways and better parking lots, new underpasses have been made for pedestrians. At dusk, its view will change. The state-of-the-art lights with which it will illuminate when darkness falls, its experience will be different. From Friday, this part will be common to the common people.

Netaji’s statue also installed

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also unveil a 28-feet tall statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose at India Gate. Carved on granite stone, the weight of this statue is 65 metric tons. It is being installed on Wednesday at the same place where the hologram statue of Netaji was unveiled on 23 January, Parakram Diwas.

Rajpath from past to present

Before independence, Rajpath was known as King’s Way and Janpath as Queen’s Way. After independence, the name of Queen’s Way was changed to Janpath. Whereas the King’s Way came to be known as Rajpath. After the completion of 75 years of independence, now its name has been changed to duty path. The central government believes that the Rajpath reflects the idea of ​​the king, who rules over the ruled. Whereas in democratic India the people are supreme. The name change is an example of mass dominance and its empowerment.

The canal area spread over 19 acres has been redeveloped. 16 bridges have been built on it for pedestrians. Boating can be done near Krishi Bhawan and Commercial Building.

– Parking lot has been built here. It can accommodate 1,125 vehicles. Apart from this, India also has parking space, where 35 buses will be parked.

-74 Historic light poles and chain links have been restored. In addition, more than 900 new light poles have also been installed.

Central Vista Avenue has a green area of ​​3.90 lakh square meters. A 15.5 km long path has been prepared for people to walk. It is covered with red granite.

The whole area is under CCTV surveillance. At the same time, about 80 security personnel will be deployed at all times.

Decision in NDMC meeting

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) on Wednesday renamed Rajpath and Central Vista Lawn as Duty Path. The resolution was passed unanimously in the special meeting of NDMC held in this regard. The Rajpath and Central Vista Lawn from Vijay Chowk to India Gate come under the jurisdiction of NDMC. Various ministries, departments, offices of the central government are located here. The meeting was presided over by the Union Minister of State for External Affairs and Culture Meenakshi Lekhi. He said that NDMC had received a request from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs regarding renaming of Rajpath and Central Vista Lawn. The NDMC has unanimously approved the proposal keeping in mind the democratic set-up, cultural heritage and social values. The intention behind this is to inspire the adoption of duties towards public welfare and national development and to transform the entire colonial history of the region on the theme and values ​​of a democratic nation. He termed the decision to change the name of Rajpath and Central Vista Lawn to Duty Path as historic.


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