Raju Srivastava merged into Panchtatva…the comedy king who made crores of people laugh, left everyone crying. His wife is broken by the death of Raju. He has become in bad condition. Wife Shikha stood firm since Raju was admitted to the hospital. Every day she kept circling the hospital in the hope that perhaps today Raju would regain consciousness. But this could not happen. Raju left them and left.

We cannot ease his pain but yes we can remember Shikha’s moments spent with Raju in the hospital. Read the moments spent with Raju and Shikha in 41 days…

Ever since Raju suffered a heart attack, Shikha has been praying for her husband’s speedy recovery every day. Neither did he give up hope of Raju’s recovery nor did he let the fans leave. Not only this, Shikha had also promised everyone that Raju would definitely return. He had said that ‘Raju’s condition remains stable. Doctors are doing their best. Everyone is busy day and night that Raju should get well soon. We are sure that Raju will definitely return as he is a warrior and he will definitely win this battle.

He promised everyone that Raju will definitely return to entertain everyone, this is my promise to you. He also urged them to continue the prayer tour. While appealing to the people, he said that you keep praying for Raju’s speedy recovery.

In front of this courage of Raju’s wife, once even God gave up and Raju came to his senses. Raju’s brother-in-law Ashish had told that when Shikha told Raju, “How many days have you been lying down, now just open your eyes and go home”, then Raju opened his eyes. He looked at his wife, touched her hand and tried to comfort her saying that he would get well soon. But this did not happen and Raju said goodbye to all of us on Wednesday.

Actor-comedian’s wife Shikha Srivastava broke up after Raju’s death. She said, “I am not able to talk right now. What can I say now? He fought a lot, I was really hoping and praying that he will come back after fighting this war. But, it has not happened. All I can say is that he was a true warrior.”


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