The month will start with some family discord and mental unrest, but the financial side will be strong. You will get the benefit of traveling country. If you are looking to apply for service or visa in foreign companies, then the time will be favorable from that point of view also. Interest in religion and spirituality will increase. The decision taken and the work done will be appreciated. If you work keeping your stubbornness and passion under control, you will be more successful. Stay on the 3rd and 4th of the month, just be careful.


The whole month will prove to give many unexpected results. There may be adverse effects on health. Luck will progress, but sometimes the work will stop happening, do not be discouraged by this. Beware of health, especially from cold, fever, etc. Time will be excellent for the students and the students appearing in the competition. There will be intensity in love matters. If you want to do love marriage, then the occasion will be favorable. Stay on the 13th and 14th of the month, just be careful.


On the strength of your indomitable courage and valor, you will easily overcome difficult situations, although your own people will keep trying unsuccessfully to humiliate them. Avoid secret enemies. It would be prudent to settle disputes and disputes related to court cases outside. Avoid being a victim of conspiracy in the work area as well. There will be a decrease in the anxiety related to children. For the new couple, the birth of children and also the yoga of birth. Stay on 7th and 8th of the month, just be careful.


The month will bring great success. If anyone wants to do the biggest work or sign a new contract, then the planet transit will bring good success from that point of view too. The economic side will be strong. The money given for a long time is also expected to be returned. Disputes related to ancestral property will be resolved. If you want to buy a house and vehicle, then the planets will be favorable from that point of view too. Yoga of cooperation from senior family members and younger brothers also. Stay on 28th and 29th of the month, just be careful.

Leo sun sign

The beginning of the month will be excellent. A well thought out strategy will prove to be effective. There will be full cooperation of government power. If you want to apply for any kind of government service, then the planets will also give good results from the point of view. Enemies will be defeated, even in court cases, there are signs of the decision coming in your favor. The economic side will be stronger from the third week. Disputes related to property will be resolved. There will be an auspicious occasion for auspicious works. Stay on the 11th and 12th of the month, just be careful.


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