In Haryana’s Sarvjatiya Sarvkhap Mahapanchayat, Khap representatives have given an ultimatum to the BJP government of the state that if the investigation of Sonali murder case is not handed over to the CBI by September 23, the agitation will be intensified. To formulate a strategy on this issue, there will be a Mahapanchayat of Khaps in Jat Dharamshala on 24th September and will take a big decision against the government. On the demand of Khap representatives, Superintendent of Police Lokendra Singh has deployed two women police personnel for the protection of Sonali Phogat’s daughter Yashodhara.

In the Sarvjati Sarvkhap Mahapanchayat held in Jat Dharamsala on Sunday, the representatives of the Khaps expressed their anger over the attitude of the government in the Sonali Phogat case. The representatives said that it is incomprehensible why the Haryana government is not talking to the Goa government regarding the CBI probe. After all, what is the intention of the government, is there any big leader associated with this matter, which the government wants to save. The government should do Doodh Ka Doodh and Pani Ka Pani by conducting a CBI inquiry.

Tekchand Kandela, head of Kandela Khap, said that when Sonali’s entire family is demanding a CBI probe, the government should get a CBI probe done. He said that if the CBI investigation is not done by September 23, then the Khap will take a big decision, which will be the responsibility of the government. At the same time, Tekchand Kandela said that in the meantime, if the government wants to hold talks, their doors are always open.

Join us to get justice for my mother

Sonali Phogat’s daughter Yashodhara at Sarvkhap Mahapanchayat said that support me and my family to get justice for my mother. As you are still standing with us, we hope that all of you are with us in getting the CBI investigation done. Since the murder of the mother, they have been demanding a CBI inquiry, but till now the investigation has not been handed over to the CBI. He also said that he was not satisfied with the investigation by the Goa Police.

BJP leader Kuldeep Bishnoi was targeted in the Mahapanchayat

During the Mahapanchayat, Daljit Panghal, a leader associated with the Jat movement, accused BJP leader Kuldeep Bishnoi of being involved in the murder. He said that wherever Kuldeep goes to the public meeting or seek votes during the by-election, he should oppose it. Accused Kuldeep and his family of being involved in the earlier two murders. After his address, the Khap representatives expressed their displeasure over this statement and said that no one should make allegations and counter allegations against anyone from this platform. Who is the accused in the murder case or not, it will all be clear in the investigation. The Mahapanchayat was presided over by the National President of All India Dhaka Khap, Babulal.

15 member committee constituted

During the Mahapanchayat, a 15-member committee has been formed, in which five members of Sonali’s family are there. This committee will contact the people and seek the cooperation of the people to give edge to the movement.


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