It has been almost seven years since the first part of SS Rajamouli’s directorial film ‘Bahubali’ was released, but even today the craze of this film and actor Prabhas remains among the fans. After ‘Bahubali’, SS Rajamouli also brought ‘Bahubali 2’ as its second part and this film also earned a bang at the box office. Released on the Pan India level, this film made the audience crazy. But now a social media user has come up with some such things, seeing that it is being said that not one or two but the entire 36 scenes of ‘Bahubali’ film are copied from Hollywood films.

A user on Twitter shared a video clip of Tamannaah Bhatia’s scene from the first part of ‘Baahubali’, in which butterflies are seen around the actress. This video is made in a collage and on its other side a similar scene from the film ‘Avatar’ is also shown. Apart from this, there is also a scene in the video of Prabhas targeting Dhanush and this scene has been compared to a scene from the film ‘Avengers’. Both the scenes have a lot in common.

Apart from Dhanush, Prabhas has also wielded a sword in this film and according to the viral video on social media, this scene of this film is a copy of the film ‘Hercules’ as both are largely similar. Prabhas’s mountain waterfall scene in ‘Bahubali’ was very much liked but in one scene he was also seen getting stuck between a mountain and a waterfall. Hollywood is like the movie ‘King Kong’.

Fans are rapidly reacting to this video viral on social media and everyone is questioning those who troll Bollywood. One user wrote, ‘Where did the South go now.’ Another wrote, ‘Have seen all these Hollywood movies yet can never catch it.’ However, some users also supported ‘Bahubali’. Many people claimed that all these films were released after ‘Bahubali’.


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