Guru… who teaches us the true meaning of living, who gives us pearls of wisdom. To learn or become something, every human being has some guru in his life and Bollywood is such a place, where stars showcase their acting skills, singing, playing, all. Be it an actor or a singer, celebs also do their work very seriously. However, doing all this is not possible even for celebs without a guru. That’s why Bollywood stars also consider someone or the other their guru in real life.

Everyone is crazy about the acting of Shahrukh, who is called the King Khan of Bollywood. There is a great craze among the fans towards him. Shahrukh has been a good student as well as a good actor. Shahrukh Khan has studied Economics Honors from Hansraj College and at that time he was taught by a teacher named Anita, she says about the actor that Shahrukh Khan always used to bring hockey in his hand in class, he Along with sports, he was also very good in studies.

Madhuri Dixit

Everyone is familiar with the amazing acting skills of actress Madhuri Dixit as well as her amazing dancing skills. When she is on screen or on stage, she wins everyone’s heart with her dance and amazing expressions. Let us tell you that Madhuri Dixit has learned the nuances of classical dance from Birju Maharaj. Apart from this, she considers Saroj Khan as a friend with her mentor. Although it is very sad that both these veterans have said goodbye to this world.

Tiger Shroff

Actor Tiger Shroff is also known for his acting as well as amazing dance moves. Let us tell you that Tiger gives the credit of his success to his gurus. He considers director Siddharth Anand as his mentor, while Hrithik Roshan is called his onscreen mentor by the actor.

Well-known choreographer of Bollywood, Farah Khan considers the legend of dance, Michael Jackson as her mentor. Recently, on the birthday of Michael Jackson, Farah Khan shared a picture with him.


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