A good teacher gives a new direction to the life of the student. Students cannot climb the ladder of success without the guidance of a teacher. Two such teachers of Madhya Pradesh are being honored with President’s Award on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. Let us tell you why this award is being given to Omprakash Patidar and Neeraj Saxena of Shajapur.

Omprakash Patidar

Omprakash, a resident of Shajapur, a small district of Madhya Pradesh, will be honored with the President’s Award on the occasion of Teacher’s Day on September 5. Earlier, he has also received the state level award twice. He is now being honored with the President’s Award for his outstanding efforts in the field of education in his 15 years of service. Even before him, two teachers of the district have been honored with the President’s Award. President’s Award is being given to 46 teachers of the country for the year 2022, which includes two teachers from Madhya Pradesh. It is a matter of pride for the state.

Selection made on the basis of multiple points

Omprakash Patidar is working as a teacher since 2006. During his tenure so far, he has contributed in the field of education in many ways and has been shaping the future of the children. He has been selected for the President’s Award on the basis of other points including using ITC in education, working for biodiversity conservation, developing scientific attitude in children. Omprakash Patidar is continuously participating in Teachers Congress and Science Congress since 2007. He has also taken his students several times to Science Congress. Even during the Corona period, he did not leave this sequence and became a part of it virtually. He will be honored by President Draupadi Murmu in Delhi today.

Neeraj Saxena

Neeraj Saxena, a teacher of Government Primary School, Salegarh, Raisen, has also been selected for the President’s Award. He has made commendable efforts to motivate tribal children towards education. When Neeraj Saxena joined school, only 10 children used to come to school. He changed its appearance by painting the school at his own expense. He made many efforts to bring the children to school. It is the result of his initiative that today the number of children in the school has increased from 10 to 130. Neeraj Saxena has reached school many times by bullock cart during rainy days. Because of the unpaved road, it was not possible to go by vehicle. To deliver books to the children, he had reached the school with the books through bullock cart.


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