Vijay Sankeshwar Biopic Vijayanand Trailer Launched By Cm Of Karnataka Basavaraj Bommai Minister K Sudhakar

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, has been famous as the Silicon Valley of the country, but there is a story of this city which is not known much by the people of other parts of the country. This is the story of Vijay Sankeshwar. Leaving his ancestral business of book publishing, Vijay decided to try his luck in the business of transporting goods and once used to pay his telephone bills by taking loans, Vijay now runs Vijayanand Road Lines (VRL), the largest logistics company in the country. The company also holds the record for having the largest number of commercial vehicles in the country. The trailer of Vijay Sankeshwar’s film ‘Vijayanand’ based on this inspirational story was released by Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and Health Minister Dr. K Sudhakar in Bengaluru on Saturday night.

inspirational story of victory from struggle

The life journey of Vijay Sankeshwar has been wonderful and exciting in itself. He started his life in a very simple way and his family background was also very simple. Later, due to his hard work and dedication, he became the owner of Vijay Karnataka, the biggest newspaper in Kannada. The newspaper was later bought by the Times of India newspaper publishing company in 2007. After fulfilling the five-year condition of not taking out another newspaper in its competition, Vijay brought out another newspaper named Vijay Vani and made it the number one newspaper in Karnataka. He also has his own TV channel. Even in the newspaper business, when he had to face a lot of opposition in the initial days, he reduced the price of the newspaper to just one rupee. The Government of India has honored him with the Padma Shri.

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‘Every son should see this film’

At the trailer launch, industrialist Vijay Sankeshwar revealed that the film ‘Vijayanand’ is actually the story of him and his son Anand Sankeshwar. The story of Vijay and Anand was therefore named Vijayanand. Vijay Sankeshwar also got emotional several times while talking about the difficulties faced during the days of starting a new business after leaving his ancestral business. He said that today’s youth prefer loneliness over family. The communication between father and son is becoming less and less frequent. Vijay Sankeshwar says, ‘This film is an attempt to restore family values ​​in the society. My father has been my hero and I want that every son who wants to do something out of the box in life should watch this film.

Vijay Sankeshwar became the legend of Karnataka

The title role in the film ‘Vijayanand’ is played by actor Nihal Rajput. At the trailer launch, Nihal said that in his acting journey, the film ‘Vijayanand’ will always be close to his heart and it is a film for which preparations have become an integral part of his life. He says, ‘I come from the same northern part of Karnataka where Vijay Sankeshwar was born. His story has become a legend in our area. There would hardly be any father who does not get emotional while narrating this success story to his son. Apart from Kannada, the film is also releasing in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam on December 9 and is also being released in the Gulf countries, America and Australia.

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Rishika narrated the story of making

Rishika Sharma is the director of the film ‘Vijayanand’. He has also personally handled the art direction and costume design department of the film. Rishika says, ‘The film ‘Vijayanand’ is such a story that it is necessary to reach every village of the country. Even before me many people had approached Vijay Sankeshwar ji to make his biopic. He refused me too but I asked him for a few days just to talk. Considering the recording of this conversation as our research material, we wrote its script and after that I met Vijay Sankeshwar ji with this script. And, this time not only did he agree to give his nod to the biopic, but he also decided to produce it himself.


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