The increase in the incidence of heart diseases in the last few years is a matter of concern for the experts. Cases of ‘Sudden Heart Attack’ have also increased significantly in recent months. Doctors say, the cases of increasing heart attack, especially among the youth, are quite serious. Similar problems are also being seen in people who did not have heart problems before the pandemic, or were probably unaware of it. After the heart attack of famous comedian Raju Srivastava, the cases of increasing heart attack in the gym are being discussed everywhere, meanwhile, three videos viral on social media have increased the discussion among people about a new factor of heart attack. Is.

There have been cases of death due to sudden heart attack while dancing in these three different videos viral on social media. Doctors say, apart from underlying health conditions, the corona epidemic and loud noise are being seen as the main reasons for the increasing heart diseases like this.

The amazing thing is that most of these people are not even aware that they have a heart problem. Apart from this, the sound of DJ or loud bass increases the extra pressure on the heart, due to which the cases of heart attack are also seen increasing. Let us understand the reports of studies and from cardiologists about this growing problem.

Three videos of heart attack are going viral on social media

Three videos of sudden heart attack are becoming increasingly viral on social media these days. High-pitched sounds are common in all three.

In the first video, Ravi Sharma suddenly suffered a heart attack while playing the role of Hanuman in the Ganesh idol pandal.

In the second video, a 48-year-old man suffered a heart attack during an event in Bareilly, due to which he died instantly.

In the third video, a 20-year-old stage artist from Jammu has also died of a sudden heart attack in a similar manner.

Is heart attack due to loud noises?

In conversation with Amar Ujala Cardiologist Dr. Anwar.M Khan It is said that the loud sound of DJ in these three videos is believed to be the main reason for first sight heart attack. As a precaution, people who have problems with heart weakness are advised to stay away from loud sounds (which increase the pressure on the heart). However, this type of problem in young people is surprising.

The people who have had a heart attack in the video may have already had heart disease or it can be considered a condition arising due to a possible side effect of long covid. In cases of Sudden Heart Attack, if Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is given, then the life of such people can be saved. In CPR, pressing the patient’s chest with both hands helps him to breathe. Check the patient’s breathing and make him breathe with the help of CPR, by doing this life can be saved. Everyone should get information about this.

loud sound is dangerous

The loud sound of DJ/loudspeakers is not only irritating, it is also injurious to health. One of the Mainz University Medical Center in Germany study According to this, increasing noise disturbs your heart rhythm. This condition is medically called atrial fibrillation. This condition increases the irregularity of the heartbeat, which can lead to the formation of blood clots, stroke and heart failure.

Researchers say that anything that puts extra pressure on the heart or causes changes in blood pressure can trigger fibrillation. The loud sound of DJ/loudspeaker has always been considered harmful, it is not only serious for heart patients but can also cause heart problems in healthy people.

What do experts say?

Studies have found that people exposed to loud noises may have higher long-term health risks, says Dr. Anwar. The sound vibrations emanating from the DJ’s sounds cause an additional blow to the heart. This condition is enough to damage the delicate nerve endings. This can cause serious damage not only to the heart, but also to the brain and ears. Loud noises have been shown to cause inflammatory reactions within the brain, increasing the risk of stroke.


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