September 9 is a special day for the automobile industry. World EV Day is celebrated on this day. The day marks the celebration of e-mobility. The way people’s interest about electric vehicles has increased in India since a year, the focus of the government has increased, it is going to create a lot of excitement. If you look at the reasons for this, the skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel in India has spoiled the budget of middle-class customers. At the same time, the ever-increasing prices of CNG have also done the right thing in this. In such a situation, the interest of common people has increased in electric vehicles. Two wheelers are in high demand in the EV space. Electric scooter market is witnessing a significant growth in this segment. There are a number of electric scooters available in the Indian auto market at the moment, giving you a wide range of electric two-wheelers to choose from.

Electric scooter manufacturer Ather Energy (Ather Energy) has recently launched its latest electric scooter 450X Gen-3. The new scooter introduces the next generation of its highly successful 450 platform and now comes with a host of new features that enhance its performance and riding stability. The 450X Gen 3 is now equipped with a bigger and more powerful 3.7 kWh battery that enables the user to ride in ‘Warp’ (Ather’s high-performance mode) during each ride. The upgraded version gets five ride modes – Warp, Sport, Ride, SmartEco and Eco. The maximum power output is 6.2 kW (8.7 hp) in Warp mode. The battery is also 25 percent bigger than the previous generation, which claims to deliver an ARAI-certified range of 146 km and a True Range of 105 km.

great features

Coming to the user interface (UI/UX), the new Ather 450X Gen 3 now gets an upgraded dashboard with a re-architected Ather stack and an upgraded 2GB of RAM. It will greatly enhance the performance of memory-intensive applications and for the future will offer voice commands, multi-language support, heavy graphics, deep diagnostics, and more. An advanced RAM also means better performance in high temperatures. The flagship variant of the Ather continues to offer a massive 22-litre boot space providing the customer with ample space in the Gen-3. The scooter gets a 7.0-inch touchscreen system, front and rear disc brakes with Ryzen, 12-inch alloy wheels, a telescopic fork and a belt drive system.

how much is the price

The 450X Gen 3 electric scooter has been launched in Bengaluru at an ex-showroom price of Rs 155,657.

Okinawa Okhi 90

The Okinawa Ockhi-90 is a high-performance electric scooter. It has a 3800 watt motor. It has a removable 72V 50 Ah lithium-ion battery pack. The scooter’s battery can be charged up to 80 percent in an hour. Whereas it takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge the battery. This scooter gets two riding modes – Eco and Sports. This scooter accelerates from 0 to 90 kmph in just 10 seconds. You can easily drive this electric scooter at a speed of 55 to 60 kmph in eco mode and 85 to 90 kmph in sports mode.

driving range

Equipped with fast charging, the Ockhi-90 can cover a distance of up to 160 km on a single full charge. According to the company’s MD Jitendra Sharma, the 160 km range will be available on the sports mode of the scooter. At the same time, this scooter can give a range of up to 200 km on Eco mode.

great features

There are many great features available in Ockhi-90. These include features like in-built navigation, digitally informative speedometer, Bluetooth connectivity, mobile charging USB-port, boot space of 40 liters, luggage box light, geo-fencing, secure parking. This smart electric scooter gives you battery charging information, speed alerts, call and notification alerts, music play controls as well as alerts for insurance maintenance. It also gets the feature of turn by turn navigation assist. You can download the Okinawa Connect app, which offers a plethora of features, to get the most out of its ride experience. For example, it has a Find My Scooter function to help you locate your Okinawa electric scooter.

how much is the price

Okinawa Ockhi 90 electric scooter price starts at Rs 1.21 Lakh, ex-showroom, across the country.


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